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Fun whānau activities for looking after your wellbeing and feeling good.



I'd love to support my tamariki with...

Selected: Kindness And Gratitude

Give a Bunch of Kindness

Make some paper flowers to make someone's day (and your own!)

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Everyday kindness

One of the best things we can do for our wellbeing is to be kind or give to others (our time, actions and words).

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Being a First Rate Mate!

Help your tamariki build empathy and learn the key to being a good friend.

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Can't Do it Without You

Sometimes a shared goal is a great way to change the focus and reconnect us. This will do the trick!

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There for me

When we feel connected to others it makes us, and the people we connect to, feel good. This activity for older tamariki highlights this.

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Whakawhetai (Gratitude) O-Clock

Expressing gratitude helps us feel good, and it's got the science to back it! Give it a go, make it a habit.

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Wellbeing activities for the whānau

Simple whānau activities that have the added bonus of boosting wellbeing!

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How to help kids be grateful and kind

Being grateful and kind boosts the way we feel, and tends to make us more likeable human beings. So how can we help our tamariki learn these important skills?

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