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Selected: Kaupapa Māori

Welcoming Matariki and Te Mātahi o te Tau (the new year)

Learn about the importance of the Matariki whetū (star) cluster and its special appearance in the winter sky marking the beginning of te mātahi o te tau (the New Year).

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Make a Matariki tradition!

Sharing kai is a big part of Matariki, so create a special placemat to use for shared kai during Matariki with your whānau.

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Make a Manu Tukutuku (kite)

Welcome some fresh air and some sky magic by making a manu tukutuku (kite).

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Karawhiua mai ōu moemoeā Matariki - Make a Matariki wish!

Make a moemoeā (wish) upon Hiwa-i-te-rangi, and how to make a good moemoeā (wish) come true!

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Matariki Whetū (star) Bunting

Nothing says festivities like bunting! Representing all of the special whetū of Matariki - each whetū offers a whānau adventure in line with their significance.

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Make your own Whare Tapa Whā

This activity contextualises the Whare Tapa Whā model by allowing tamariki to make their own whare and practise all the things that contribute to their overall hauora.

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Fill my Whare Tapa Whā... more!

Create a kete of things to do to boost your hauora and wellbeing. This might be especially important during our bubble and home-learning time when things may feel challenging sometimes.

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Learn your Pepeha!

Learning our pepeha connects us to our family and history.

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Arohaina te reo - Loving te reo Māori

Apps and tracks and great facebook pages all supporting our te reo Māori

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Stories to Remember

Capture memories of your whānau - it builds connection both to them and your family's history.

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What's in a Name?

Names are important and often have special meaning or a story. Share and capture these.

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Rising Tide

Read Rising Tide, or listen to the audiobook in English and te Reo Māori as a way to connect with your child , kōrero about resilience and find active strategies to build resilience too.

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Hikitia te Hā

Hikitia te Hā is a simple breathing and mindfulness sequence that anyone can learn using our videos.

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A fun workbook series taking tamariki through all they need to know to tuputupu (grow) kūmara (and your mental health too!)

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